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Che Baraka

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I've strived to make my work a process of spiritual research. My goals are to identify, share, and create, in art forms, those connective patterns, structures, and principles that underpin the nature of our personal realities.

To my thinking, the influences and appropriations that inform my work are not primarily visual, but rather, an attempt to reveal seemingly disparate ideas of knowing and being as the hidden whole generating the artist's philosophical approach to the creative process. The act of appropriation is part of that philosophy.

I endeavor to make my works speak to the processes of creation, rather then the self referential context of the object as the "art". On occassion I achieve my objective which is to reveal the Self, as creator and creation. I like to believe that my works are spiritual attractors to those that will "know" and "re-member" what is revealed.

For lack of a better phrase and since catagorization of art and artists are inevitable, by self-difinition I'm a "post modernist", as in Dierrida's usage of the term or the Foucaltian sense. I draw inspiration from many different paths, histories, ontologies, and epistemies.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Center for Art and Culture. "Spiritual Realism"; solo exhibition, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 2005 New Jersey Performing Arts Center. "God, Mississippi and A Man Named Evers", commissioned collaboration: Hannibal Lokumbe, Newark Symphony Orchestra, Newark , NJ, United States, 2003 Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation's Skylight Gallery/"Bible Stories, Visual Parables"/ One man show, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 2001 Center for Art and Culture/"Minor Ceremonies"/solo exhibition, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 2000 Brooklyn Museum/Center for Art and Culture, "In The Spirit of The Father"/Group exhibition, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 1999 Long Island University, The Festival Group/"New American Art", Brooklyn, NY, United States, 1997 Gallery at the University of Mexico/"Alimentando"/One man exhibition, Mexico City Mexico

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Che Baraka

I've strived to make my work a process of spiritual research. My goals are to identify, share, and ...

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