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Tai Allen

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Tai Allen (aka GRFX) calls himself an artist

Spending time as a student of Abiodun of the Last Poets and Dawad Philip, famed dub poet and newspaper editor, moves an artist toward good. Learning how to craft senyrus, blank verse, free form and prose under the watchful eye of Braithwaite only helps a writer call himself a writer. Spending your first few performances as a back-up but primary writer for Brooklyn College?s famed Forensics Team only broadens your mind and skills. Living with a big time producer; while being signed to a major label? classic NYC, but that only goes so far.

It is when you take those early years, in the 90s and combine them with the support and competitive climate of the Black Arts Movement and Underground scene of New York does an artist emerge.

Nothing prepared Tai Allen like the working, loving and befriending the talented.

This living classroom shaped Tai Allen (grfx) and helped him rock stages in Europe and America. This exposure to best writers and editors and mentors lead to acclaimed chap books and features in Bomb Magazine. Rocking out at open mics and shows with best singers honed his stage presence and recording ability. Understanding the importance of stage and recording lead to six (6) months number one on Moblie Underground, a feature on Reebok?s EU campaign and multiple mentions in SoulTracks. Tai has crafted singing and poetry into signature approach. A style that reminds the listener of Gil-Scot, Abiodun and Carl Hancock-Rux but is securely Tai?s.

After a 2 year hiatus from heavy performing, to focus on the designing (Ciroc, Uptown, Crown Royale) and music production (Maiysha, Hard Hittin Harry, Reebok, vicelounge), Tai is back. And, since Kayo brought him back to the famed Nuyorican, in June, the shows have been coming: Richmond, Boston, Brooklyn, Westchester (NY), Springfield.

A beautiful and inspiring combination of singing and poetry, sometimes together. And, the current touring to support the new projects. Vicelounge is producing Tai?s second chapbook (with accompanying soundtrack) and first full length poetry book, with a soundtrack. Two great reasons to see Tai live, solo or with band.