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Martin O McCormack

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I am an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. I was born in Liverpool, England and received my Batchelor of Arts Degree from the University of Ulster at Belfast.
In the past, my practice often dealt with two activities that consume 100% of our time -work and non-work- - their relation to modern humanity, the relative worth of both of these activities and their costs in terms of liberty and solvency. My recent work also explores the question of place -mapping cities with take-out menu maps, ?we are here? maps and informational brochures. As the city gradually yields up these maps, a picture of the city begins to emerge and the hopes desires and fears of the individual, the neighborhood and the larger society are revealed.
Most of my work is made using found materials. Found building supplies, paint, paper ephemera and other supplies. There is the added challenge of creating with what the city provides and it seems to me to sit well with the found nature of my subjects.