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Folk Arts

Folk Arts Meet-up

We're inviting artists in all traditional genres—music, dance, story, visual art, ritual arts and performance—to come together to discuss possibilities for cross-cultural and cross-genre collaborations. 

Folk Arts Meet-up

Come to our monthly meet-up to learn basic marketing skills to help promote your projects and to discuss issues we will raise in the town hall portion of BAC Folk Arts Day in November.

Brooklyn Folk Arts Day

This year, our town hall discussion focuses on Brooklyn traditional artists’ response to Hurricane Sandy. We’ll examine how traditional and immigrant-based communities have been affected by this natural disaster, giving artists a forum to share stories from their own communities around Brooklyn. 


Learn how to make use of BAC’s Artist Registry and Directory of Brooklyn Arts Organizations. It’s easier than ever before to have a presence on BAC’s website and this is an important way to promote your work.

Folk Arts Meet-up

For part 2 in a series of Folk Arts meet-ups on marketing, BAC Folk Arts Director Kay Turner will explain how to write an effective artist statement.


Harborlore brings lore of the fishing world to the annual Bay Fest, with Garifuna storyteller James Lovell from Belize and New York Harbor diver Lenny Speregen telling fish tales and more.


Hop on the ferry and meet us in Snug Harbor for performances and interactive learning with artists from Brooklyn and Staten Island at the Noble Maritime Collection at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. 


A musical conversation between diverse singers performing traditional maritime songs including English sea shanties, spiritual Baptist hymns, Jamaican banana boat folksongs and more.


Join in family-friendly traditional dance workshops along the beach of Coney Island Creek then watch performances of dances that narrate fishing, water gathering, sea deities and other water lore.


Here's what you need in your "go-bag" to prepare for the next natural disaster: cultural knowledge. Symposium about traditional ideas, practices and arts approaches to managing the trauma of natural disasters. 

Folk Arts Meet-up

Traditional artists will learn how to complete a grant application budget as well as compose excellent support materials for their BAC Community Arts Grant application. 

Folk Arts Meet-up

At our September Folk Arts Meet-up we will review traditional artist’s complete applications for BAC’s Community Arts Grants in advance of the application deadline.

Folk Arts Meet-up

Learn how to do basic archiving of your own or your organization’s history and take a tour of BAC’s Folk Arts Archive at our January Meet-up.


On Tuesday, February 25th from 6-8pm, come to a special Folk Arts Meet-up, where everyone will have a chance to meet Christopher Mulé, the new Folk Arts Director at BAC, effective March 3, 2014. 

Focusing On Purpose

Join this creative professional development workshop for dance professionals, designed to help improve clarity in both mission and motivation.

Folk Feet in the Street

In partnership with the Guyanese Cultural Association, we are closing down Newkirk Avenue and sharing dance forms that come out of Afro-Caribbean masquerades and street processions.

Traditional Arab Dance

This program will celebrate Eid al-Fitr at the 9th Annual Arab American Bazaar in Bay Ridge with traditional Arab dance from Yemen, Egypt, and Palestine.