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Aeon Logic Art Gallery

Aeon Logic Art gallery is an Artist Run art and design gallery based in Brooklyn, New York which seeks to represent and support the needs of artists through programs of international value by dynamic ... more

Alphabet Arts

Alphabet Arts is a non­‐profit, volunteer‐run artist collective founded in Brooklyn in 2009. Alphabet Arts blends a variety of art forms, including poetry, puppetry and music, to create innova... more

Brave New World Repertory Theatre

Brave New World Repertory Theatre is a company of Brooklyn-based theatre professionals dedicated to creating dynamic productions of classic plays, as well as new works by Brooklyn writers. The company... more

Brooklyn Guitar Academy

Guitar Lessons and Classes for Children and Adults made Fun and Rewarding!!! BGA has a conducive program that teaches acoustic, classical and electric guitar. We introduce students to all differen... more


cariBBeing is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build community through the lens of Caribbean cinema, culture and art. Our programming reflects the diversity and artistic contributions of... more

Circus Amok

Circus Amok is an alternative circus founded in 1989. Our mission is to create free public art addressing contemporary issues of social justice affecting the communities of our city. Each year, we d... more

Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music, Inc

The Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music, Inc. (CPR) is a 501 (c) (3) organization that works to preserve the reggae art form and its traditional message of healing and unity. The mission of the Coaliti... more


CourseHorse exists to inspire advancement by making extraordinary education programs more visible and accessible within the local community. It is a community course catalog that partners with local ... more

Dawn Of Man Productions

Dawn Of Man Productions is the modern culmination of eons upon eons of natural selection and adaptation. Our body of work spans a variety of mediums, including films, music videos, guerrilla market... more


Diverse Integrations Through Making Art Social (DITMAS) promotes the exploration of artistic practices as a tool for opening up dialogues that are relevant to the Brooklyn community. By investing in a... more

Feraba - African Rhythm Tap Company

A multicultural and multiethnic performance group, Féraba fuses the traditional sounds and movements of West Africa with the American artistic forms of tap dance and jazz in a unique and exciting way... more

First Acoustics

First Acoustics is a concert series, based in Brooklyn, New York. We feature established and emerging artists from the genres of contemporary and traditional folk music, jazz, blues, world music, and... more

Flatbush Artists

Flatbush Artists is a collaborative group of fine artists and artisans located primarily in Flatbush, Brooklyn. We welcome new members in all media. We mount several exhibitions each year and a studio... more

Guyana Cultural Association of NY Inc.

OUR MISSION is to document, showcase and celebrate the multiple roots of Guyana’s cultural heritage. Through our work we preserve our cultural heritage and make it available through various channels... more

idegosuperego media

idegosuperego strives for our work to transcend the norm, co-op and manipulate the medium of film and video, thematically re-write the rules of production and provide a visceral experience that invoke... more


Flute, Viola, and Harp Trio with a concentration in Contemporary music. Primarily focused on commissioning new works for the specific instrumentation and participating in interdisciplinary projects.


JAPILLUSTRATIONS is a group of Artists who function in the capacity as a small agency for fine and commercial art and advertising, where necessary and capable of doing so through most media.

Jubilee Enrichment Foundation

The Jubilee Enrichment Foundation (JEF) is a nonprofit organization located in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. The organization was established to help underrepresented youth excel academi... more

Kriyol Dance! Collective

Kriyol Dance! is a collective of artist-leaders working together to create one platform oriented towards advocating for the unapologetic voices of Black arts and Haitian culture in particular through... more

Maa Sa Akhi Performing Arts Academy

Music has been deleted from public schools here in Flatbush and in surrounding communities. At Maa Sa Akhi we are striving to raise funds in order to offer free lessons to the community and in local ... more

New York Guitar Academy

Guitar Lessons and Classes for Children and Adults made Fun and Rewarding!!! NYGA & BGA has a conducive program that teaches acoustic, classical and electric guitar. We introduce students to all d... more

New York Youth Musicians

NYYM is a fun and professional music school providing affordable, well-rounded music education. NYYM provides private music instrumental lessons as well as Master Class programs and FREE ensemble/band... more

Octavia Project

We use science fiction to encourage girls to dream big and empower them with skills to design their own futures. Our free summer program gives teenage girls from Brooklyn the space to explore science ... more

Operating Theater Company

The Operating Theater Company creates unusual, inventive, provocative live performance that experiments with perception and explores the subjectivity of human experience. We work from original materia... more

Pride not Prejudice

Rick Mueller is a writer, actor, director and educator, who theatre to educate and entertain our kids - "By engaging a student in an interesting drama - the content comes alive and its reality can ... more

Shakespeare Sings

An unforgettable introduction to Shakespeare for students of all ages, through music! The concert is slammin' fun -- or deeply thoughtful and emotional. Students discover Shakespeare as understandable... more

Sonic Arts For All Inc.

Founded in January 2016, Sonic Arts For All (SAFA!) is a new non-profit on a mission to provide a rigorous and engaging alternative to the traditional music classroom for K-12 and special needs studen... more

The Bridge Multicultural Advocacy Program

The Bridge Multicultural Advocacy Project (MCP) is a new community facility created to host collaborative events across races and religious backgrounds. The venue will be a community headquarters wher... more

The Caribbean Film Academy

Established in 2012, CaFA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and support of Caribbean filmmaking and filmmakers, in the region and the diaspora. CaFA’s work is focused on prom... more

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