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Aeon Logic Art Gallery

Aeon Logic Art gallery is an Artist Run art and design gallery based in Brooklyn, New York which seeks to represent and support the needs of artists through programs of international value by dynamic ... more

Art in Limbo

Art in Limbo’s goal is to create a collaborative digital space, expand the definition of art, and forge innovative networks of understanding. This project serves as a platform for emerging art histo... more

Arts Gowanus

Arts Gowanus is an organization of artists and arts organizations working together to support each other, to connect to our community, and to ensure the Gowanus Canal neighborhood continues to be a th... more

Borderline Projects

Borderline Projects is an artistic experiment dedicated to produce work and generate events related to the notion of liminality. Borderline Projects seeks to explore interdisciplinary encounters and i... more

Brooklyn Art Cluster

Brooklyn Art Cluster is an art organization committed to building creative environments for curators and artists alike. We focus on supporting collaborations between curators and artists to share insp... more

Brooklyn Creative League

Brooklyn Creative League is a coworking space serving Gowanus, Brooklyn since 2009. We offer a variety of membership levels to provide freelancers, nonprofits and creative professionals a space that p... more

Brooklyn Guitar Academy

Guitar Lessons and Classes for Children and Adults made Fun and Rewarding!!! BGA has a conducive program that teaches acoustic, classical and electric guitar. We introduce students to all differen... more

Brooklyn Repertory Opera

To provide singers and musicians a place to hone their craft and to bring accessible opera to the residents of Brooklyn.

Carnival of Connectivity Collective

The Carnival of Connectivity Collective (CCC) is a traveling collective of artists, poets and performers, who engage Brooklyn neighborhoods in spontaneous, playful, site-specific art carnivals that de... more

Center for Urban Pedagogy, The

The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit that uses the power of design and art to improve civic engagement.

Circus Amok

Circus Amok is an alternative circus founded in 1989. Our mission is to create free public art addressing contemporary issues of social justice affecting the communities of our city. Each year, we d... more


CourseHorse exists to inspire advancement by making extraordinary education programs more visible and accessible within the local community. It is a community course catalog that partners with local ... more

Film Biz Recycling

Film Biz Recycling (FBR) is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to recycle, redistribute and re-purpose the vast amount of material run-off from New York City's film, tv, commercial and theater p... more

Folk Tales of Asia & Africa

While she is making bread, the hostess discovers that she has guests. As they all wait for the dough to rise she tells them three stories using kitchen utensils to play the characters, in the style o... more

Gowanus Ballroom

The Gowanus Ballroom is an exhibition space located along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY. Once operated as a steel mill in the 1800′s, this 12,000-square-foot space sites beneath 50-foot ... more

Gowanus Print Lab

The Gowanus Print Lab is a community screen printing workspace and exhibition space that opened October 2010. Our aim is to create a nurturing artist community by providing affordable access to worksp... more

Gowanus Studio Space, Inc., The

The Gowanus Studio offers space, equipment and much-needed support to emerging designers, artists and craftspeople.Located in the historically industrial neighborhood along the Gowanus Canal in Brookl... more

Gowanus Swim Society

Choose your favorite: collective, guild, skillshare, crit group or social club. We are Gowanus Swin Society, a select group of Gowanus based artists that meet regularly and provide a forum for sharing... more

Interference Archive

Interference Archive explores the relationship between cultural production and social movements. This work manifests in public exhibitions, a study and social center, talks, screenings, publications, ... more

Letter of Marque Theater Company

We are a crew of artists. Our company is run like a ship in which everyone gets a say and the Captains rotate the artistic lead every week. Our work spans from original plays to Shakespeare; fro... more

Makeville Studio

Makeville Studio is a hands-on lab for craft, building, art and invention. We offer woodworking, lighting and other craft classes for adults and kids, and provide affordable studio and workshop space ... more


MINUS SPACE is a platform for reductive art on the international level. MINUS SPACE is part community of practice, blog, curatorial project, and information resource. MINUS SPACE is about art, ideas, ... more

New York Guitar Academy

Guitar Lessons and Classes for Children and Adults made Fun and Rewarding!!! NYGA & BGA has a conducive program that teaches acoustic, classical and electric guitar. We introduce students to all d... more

New York Youth Musicians

NYYM is a fun and professional music school providing affordable, well-rounded music education. NYYM provides private music instrumental lessons as well as Master Class programs and FREE ensemble/band... more

Perfomance Lab 115

Performance Lab 115 is an actor-driven experimental theater company dedicated to creating works that explore the depth and fragility of human connection. Blending classical themes with a contemporary ... more

Shakespeare Sings

An unforgettable introduction to Shakespeare for students of all ages, through music! The concert is slammin' fun -- or deeply thoughtful and emotional. Students discover Shakespeare as understandable... more

ShapeShifter Plus

The mission of ShapeShifter Plus is to support, inspire and foster music and visual arts by presenting the most cutting edge and forward thinking artists in our community that nurture growth, creativi... more

The Black TV & Film Collective

The Black TV & Film Collective is a membership-based organization with the mission to create pathways for people of color to achieve their long-term career goals within the television & film industrie... more

The Dirty Blondes

The Dirty Blondes is a Brooklyn-based theater company founded in 2011 by current Executive Director Elizabeth Sarkady and Artistic Director Ashley Jacobson. Our mission is to develop beautiful and sub... more

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