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Situ Studio

Situ Studio was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York, while its four partners were studying architecture at the Cooper Union. Recent projects include the design and fabrication of reOrder, a site spe... more

!, Bizzy

Bizzy is a dynamic professional multidisciplinary artist. He has been vitally active in the theatre arts as actor, director, writer, music director, voice/speech/dialect coach, producer, and teacher f... more

(The Literary/Performance Wing of Goddamn Cobras), BOOMSLANG

Boomslang is the theater/literary wing of Brooklyn-based arts and media collective Goddamn Cobras ( The core of Boomslang's activity is based upon giving life to works presen... more

// vvitalny, clara + tusia

vvitalny, or, vih-TAHL-neuh (in Polish witalny is vital). vvitalny looks to time-based art to share stories about love, language and transnationality. We are a Brooklyn-based duo with ties to P... more


yeah right

203, Bishop

canvas, metal, brick, concrete; paint loves them all and I love to paint!

Abraham, Kyle

Kyle Abraham, professional dancer and choreographer, began his training at the Civic Light Opera Academy and the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He continued his... more

Abramson, Omer

Omer Abramson is an Israeli artist based in Brooklyn. Her work is composed mainly with a mix of mediums, incorporating acrylics, water colors, pencils and photography. Instagr... more

Abreu-Canedo, Rafael

Rafael explores issues of social behavior, power relations, communication, and identity, with focus on the body and space.

Adgnot, Natale

Through a decade in Paris, then five years in New York, Natale Adgnot has crafted a career formed at the intersection of graphic design, fashion design, luxury and fine art. Her studio work is informe... more

Adili, Golnar

About two years ago, I left a career in architecture to pursue art in New York. Through different art residencies such as The MacDowell Colony, Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, Ucross Foundation, ... more

Adomako, Richie

Richie Adomako is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’: A BRAIN in a nutshell preoccupied as a(n): artist, designer, writer, media producer and director, with a HEART fueled by new media, architecture, design, ci... more

Aikawa, Hazuki

A visual artist with a background in photography and journalism, Hazuki has studied multiple aspects of photography and filmmaking, including directing, editing, cinematography, and screenwriting. Bor... more

Alaire, Troy

I'm a fine art photographer in the traditional sense - 35mm and medium format camera, still using film, developing negatives, and hands in the chemicals in the darkroom. My subject matter ranges fr... more

Alghanim, Haya

Haya Alghanim is an artist based in New York City. Haya’s research and practice interests involve digital activism, collective intelligence and action, and the politics of art. Through her film and ... more

Allen, Olive

Olive Allen (O.A.) is a Russian-American artist currently living and working in New York City. She grew up between Russia and United Kingdom. She studied Film and Media at Regent’s Universit... more

Allen, Stacey

We are: Stacey and Sylvestre. A Coloradan actress and a Togolese dancer coming together to build bridges between the disciplines and discover what statements from each are to rest untouched and inspi... more

Allen, Tai

Tai Allen (aka GRFX) calls himself an artist Spending time as a student of Abiodun of the Last Poets and Dawad Philip, famed dub poet and newspaper editor, moves an artist toward good. Learning how... more

Allmaier, Jonathan

I want the paintings to make themselves. I make the paint from pigment ? this is already almost a painting. I build and re-cut flat-front stretchers so that the stretcher is the foundational drawing ... more

Altay, Camille

My approach to painting originates in an absurdist aesthetic and uses the notion of the horizon as a bridge to investigate polar conditions such as past and future, subject and object, singular and in... more

Ambrosino, Guy

Representational and abstract work either based on a photograph or done with photography.

Andino, Rene

Hi, I have been writing poetry and philosophy for over a decade and I am looking for someone to showcase or know someone who'd be willing to showcase some of my work, my poems, philosophical writings,... more

Angel, Jessica

I am a Brooklyn-based artist.

Arabadjis, Christopher

I am interested in imagery that derives from repetition and a restricted set of rules.

Armbrust, Louisa

I am interested in the nature of uncertainty. I use sports, games and their explicit and implicit rules, equipment, traditions, and conventions as data sets to create scenarios that examine the ever-p... more

Arnillas, patricia

Whether figurative or abstract, my creative approach is characterized by an energetic style translating my view of the human condition into a resolute visual composition. The resulting imagery has a v... more

Art, Nyahzul

Nyahzul is an oil painter born in Bogotá, Colombia and based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a self-taught artist with a background of 10 years in Graphic Design. She has been actively painting and exhibitin... more

Aviel, Alana

Alana Aviel is a New-York based artist whose body of work reflects the intersection of analog and digital, drawing on her traditional training in the design methods of architecture and respect for the... more

Azevedo, Athena

Athena Azevedo is a photographer, conceptual artist and producer living in Brooklyn, NY. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley she studied the influences between images, storytelling and cultural identi... more

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