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emerging brooklyn artist, looking to explore many mediums, especially in printmaking, painting and sculpture.

ok Mitch Studio

We are a team of two artists who create painted signs, gold leaf signs and murals throughout NYC. Our main focus is to create dynamic and interesting commercial projects, which help promote our client... more


illustration - animation - design

Hunter, Nikita

Nikita Hunter is a native of Detroit Michigan, and currently resides in Brooklyn. She received formal arts training at Interlochen Arts Academy (a boarding school for the arts) and Syracuse U... more

Marcus, Stephanie

Stephanie Marcus works in her Brooklyn, NY studio. Her strong sense of composition reflects years as a graphic designer. Photography honed an understanding of light, and an eye for fleeting moments.... more

Noel, David

David Emmanuel Noel is a painter and illustrator with experience working on art projects in the US,UK and mainland Europe. He continues to work with government agencies and private organizations such ... more

Slava Polishchuk, Asya Dodina &

Asya Dodina and Slava Polishchuk are working in collaboration since 2003.

!, Bizzy

Bizzy is a dynamic professional multidisciplinary artist. He has been vitally active in the theatre arts as actor, director, writer, music director, voice/speech/dialect coach, producer, and teacher f... more

..., Drexel

Painter, muralist, stencil maker, spray paint sprayer, illustrator, collage maker, web designer. I paint with every standard medium and also whatever I happen to have lying around...like nail polish.... more


yeah right

203, Bishop

canvas, metal, brick, concrete; paint loves them all and I love to paint!

a Dream, Ghost of

Ghost of a Dream is the collaboration of artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom. Their sculpture and installations embody the essence of opulence while being constructed of materials that typically end... more

Abraham, Kyle

Kyle Abraham, professional dancer and choreographer, began his training at the Civic Light Opera Academy and the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He continued his... more

Abrams, Rachel

I am interested in relationships between information and placement, rituals and movement, layering and memory. My work develops from studio experimentation, combining material studies with concepts of... more

Abramson, Omer

Omer Abramson is an Israeli artist based in Brooklyn. Her work is composed mainly with a mix of mediums, incorporating acrylics, water colors, pencils and photography. www.OMERABRAMSON.com Instagr... more

Abreu-Canedo, Rafael

Rafael explores issues of social behavior, power relations, communication, and identity, with focus on the body and space.

Acevedo, Alba

Courtroom sketch artist and writer chronicling civil trials in "Sketches of Court" feature for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Portraitist, available for commissions, with studio in Gowanus and residence in... more

Adams, Sarah

I make paintingsdrawings and sculptures of invented animal characters. My mediums are pencil ink and acrylic.

Adedayo, Afolake

I am an impressionist/expressionist, employing media ranging from oil and acrylic to water color and pastel. I would say that as much as my works have an African orientation to it, my desire to paint ... more

Adewumi , Oluwatobi

I'm a visual artist from Nigeria,i work with oil,acrylic,pencils,charcoal and pastel chalk.. I do a bit of documentary photography too.

Adgnot, Natale

Through a decade in Paris, then five years in New York, Natale Adgnot has crafted a career formed at the intersection of graphic design, fashion design, luxury and fine art. Her studio work is informe... more

Aguilar, Daniel

I create art that inspires change. As director of Buendia I work with a collective group of artist, musicians, filmmakers, dancers and writers from Sunset Park Brooklyn. Our mission is to give young a... more

Ahn, Autumn

Autumn Ahn is a painter. Her productions, installations, paintings and objects articulate the range of emotional content translated through our bodies. Exhibiting her work regularly and internatio... more

Ahn, Jiin

Jiin Ahn an interdisciplinary artist who covers from painting, photography, documentary film to interaction media art.

akca, sinem

Graphic Designer / Character Designer / Sketcher

Alan, Michael

To create something beautiful, and then disfigure the dynamics of the structure. Go back in and recreate the system of drawing by finding the opposite. To distrust what is easy. Make a visual change... more

Alexander, Rahul

I collect and document, selectively choosing imagery from a wide variety of media, including found patterns, vintage magazine clippings, and photographs. I work with images that hold a nostalgic qual... more

Alfredson, Anna

Through drawings and installations I explore our bonds to the organic world we come from, the synthetic world we have created, and our ultimate isolation from both.

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