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Situ Studio

Situ Studio was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York, while its four partners were studying architecture at the Cooper Union. Recent projects include the design and fabrication of reOrder, a site spe... more

Aber, Karine

Fiber / Textile Artist.

Abreu-Canedo, Rafael

Rafael explores issues of social behavior, power relations, communication, and identity, with focus on the body and space.

Agee, Sally

My work consists of book art collage both paper and fabric ceramics and hand hooked rugs of wool yarn on cotton monks cloth with social political and topical themes.

Alfredson, Anna

Through drawings and installations I explore our bonds to the organic world we come from, the synthetic world we have created, and our ultimate isolation from both.

Allbert, Susan

My work examines ideas of appetite and consumerism, their effects on health and the environment, and speaks to the disconnect between cause and effect in society. I “package” these social and ec... more

Allen, Stacey

We are: Stacey and Sylvestre. A Coloradan actress and a Togolese dancer coming together to build bridges between the disciplines and discover what statements from each are to rest untouched and inspi... more

Amos, Jacqueline

Artist Gallery design collections author

Ansari, Amani

My work reflects my impressions and memories, then develop form to contain and explore those thoughts. My aim is to understand these impressions and to develop a precise and personally relevant visual... more

Armstrong, Melissa

Born at the foot of the Rockies and raised in the Appalachians, Melissa S Armstrong’s work is informed by the history, grandeur and beauty of both mountain ranges. Her studies in the arts and scienc... more

Asabi, Takiyah

I am a West AfricanCaribbean dancer instructor choreographer steel pan player and costume designer. While performing my audience is enlightened to learn the history culture and meaning of the traditio... more

Awoyomi, Oluwaseyi

I am Oluwaseyi Awoyomi, first daughter of Nike (Nike Art Gallery), the worlds renowned Nigerian Artist. I work closely with my mother; re branding and packaging Nigerians Visual Arts, Dance, culture ... more

Azim, Jamil

multimedia which includes photo printmaking painting video computer as well as craft elements and writing poetry storytelling. My work is about exploring the individual and cultural experience of myse... more

Baldwin, Hilary

My work is abstract and often figurative, and is inspired by nature and my everyday surroundings.

Batteau, Yolande

Visual Artist, Creative Director- VITRUV, Artisan Surfaces Founder- CALLIDUS GUILD: Multi-disciplinary artist and artisan guild producing Fine Art Commissions in Painting, Fiber and Sculpture for the ... more

Baxter, Natalie

Natalie Baxter (b. 1985, Kentucky) received her MFA from the University of Kentucky in 2012 and her BA in Fine Art from the University of the South in Sewanee, TN in 2007. Her work has been exhibited ... more

Benarcik, Susan

My installations tell a story about man and nature. These installations made of seemingly un-useful byproducts of our current consumer lifestyle compel us to take notice of the sheer abundance of col... more

Bennett, Glenn

I am a fine artist industrial designer and registered architect based in the state of New York.I am now d focusing on the evolution of design vocabularies for new MOVEMENTS in a philosophical and semi... more

Bergener, Stacy

I am a collage artist and I useprinted media as well as organicmaterial in my pieces. I also workin watercolors and oils.

Bevill, Jennifer

Collage and assemblage with an interest in craft, visual storytelling, found objects, and recycled materials: basically creating things out of other things.

Binns, Ardith

Unlike your usual gallerymuseum or salon we mesh these two with characterChildren and Adult art classes.Original fine art piecesfine art photographylimitedopen edition printsposterpostcards.Exhibition... more

Blackford, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Blackford is a second-year Graduate Student in New York University's John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Masters program. Her research interests within this program revolve around visual cultu... more

Boltz, Maude

Painterwatercolors folded paper photography digital printsnon figurative works based on nature.

Bonfield, Sharela

Sharela May Bonfield (born 1988, Kingston, Jamaica) is a Brooklyn based artist that uses textile and fiber art as tools to explore race in America by examining popular culture, history, music and trad... more

Boyd, Vanessa

Vanessa Boyd Music : Art : Words Music :: World Trance Americana is the traditional Moroccan hajhuj electrified and run through effects with vocals and drums (Vanessa Boyd & Co.). Art :: Femi... more


I am an artist and architect originally from Ibiza, Spain but currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated with a MFA from Hunter College, BArch from Pratt Institute, and BA from Boston University. ... more

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