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Bedford-Stuyvesant Artists' Association

The Bedford-Stuyvesant Artists' Organization gathers visual artists of various cultures and brings them together in the local community in order to network and support one another. Members exhibit the... more

Digital Story Workshop

The goals of Digital Story Workshop are to empower young children by highlighting their spontaneous imaginative play; to provide media education to children ages 3 through 8; to facilitate meaningful ... more

Electrik Goddess Club Orquestra

A collaborative musical group led by singer-songwriter-lyricist-musician-composer Lisa Roma, Electrik Goddess Club Orquestra (EGCO) performs at various venues around the tri-state area. Lisa Roma sing... more

MeanRed Productions

Presenting ?arts with a twist,? MeanRed Productions is an arts- and music-event production company that combines genres and media in unlikely contexts. Sample events have featured new media installati... more

Zion Gallery

Located in a 19th-century brownstone in the historic landmark district of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Zion Gallery carries functional and fine art by emerging and established artists. Zion Gallery?s mission i... more

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