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Davilmar, Sherley

Zetwal is a multi cultural dance group that performs traditional Haitian folklore dances with live drumming, Zouk (a French Caribbean social dance) and Soukous (an Angola-based rhythm). On the Island ... more

!, Bizzy

Bizzy is a dynamic professional multidisciplinary artist. He has been vitally active in the theatre arts as actor, director, writer, music director, voice/speech/dialect coach, producer, and teacher f... more

Abboushi, Tareq

Musician: composer, teacher, and performer (buzuq, piano, and percussion). My background is in jazz and classical piano as well as classical Arabic music.

Abraham, Kyle

Kyle Abraham, professional dancer and choreographer, began his training at the Civic Light Opera Academy and the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He continued his... more

Abreu-Canedo, Rafael

Rafael explores issues of social behavior, power relations, communication, and identity, with focus on the body and space.

Accordion Club, Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Accordion Club is a community of accordion players and enthusiasts. Anyone - young, old, non-accordionists, families - is welcome to join us at the meeting. A meeting is held on the ... more

Adebo, Evonne

Evonne is a visual artist; she works primarily with paint, sculpture, textiles and photography. She is a self- taught artist who has taken classes at art institutions like Massachusetts Collage of Ar... more

Adjaloo, Lydell

Music producer for up and comingartist media relations Rick Posada elecktra entertainment in whichwhich houses such as Missy elliotBusta Rhymes. Outreach program The Northners which will begin to get ... more

AGOO! AMEE, Okyerema

The KUSUM AGORO MULTICULTURAL ARTS PROJECT (KAMAP). KAMAP serves the community by promoting an educational agenda that supports its commitment to reaching audience of all levels through value oriente... more

Aguilar, Daniel

I create art that inspires change. As director of Buendia I work with a collective group of artist, musicians, filmmakers, dancers and writers from Sunset Park Brooklyn. Our mission is to give young a... more

Alafia, Joshua Bee

Writer Director Producer Editor and Director of Photography for documentaries music videos industrials and feature films. I write and direct my own narrative works and make my living freelancing as a... more

Alden, Sarah

Sarah Alden, a Brooklyn, New York resident, is an avid performer and community educator of many folk traditions. Sarah performs with the Luminescent Orchestrii, Hoppin John Stringband has worked with ... more

Alexander, Maxine

Passionately artsy -- art is in my soul

Alix, Jean

Word based on a detail representation of subject. Using vast range of medium to gain maximumresult...oil paint oil pastels . color pencil. acrylic. charcoal.portraits illustration childrens book maga... more

Alleman, Jordan

Jordan is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and recent transplant to Brooklyn. He has toured and played with bands such as Damn Tall Buildings, Max Wareham & the Morning Bugle, High Rock Mountai... more

Allen, Stacey

We are: Stacey and Sylvestre. A Coloradan actress and a Togolese dancer coming together to build bridges between the disciplines and discover what statements from each are to rest untouched and inspi... more

Alrodini, Ahmed

PERCUSSIONIST / Group Manager / Accompanist to Ahamed Alrodini & RED SEA YEMENI ENSEMBLE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Participants in Brooklyn Arts in Education ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... more

Alroy, NIvi

Apoptosis- organized cell death in the human body. It is part of cycle of nature where death is an integral part of life .The sculpture was built of materials, gathered in construction sites and mono... more

Amoah, Richard Amoah

Richard Kwaku Amoah was born in Ghana, West Africa, in a small town called Ahwarse. He was educated at a prestigious Wesley Grammar School in Ghana capital city, Accra. he is a wood carver with extrao... more

Amos, Jacqueline

Artist Gallery design collections author


occo Siffredi (born Rocco Antonio Tano, 4 May 1964, in Ortona, Abruzzo)[1][2] is the stage name of an Italian pornographic actor, director and producer of pornographic movies who is known for his roug... more

Anderson, Drew

I create work that I enjoy while constantly developing my style and skills. I enjoy illustration and like focusing on high level conceptual work.

Anderson, Evan

I create primarily works on paper which confuse object with subject, turning statue into organism and growth into disrepair. As I turn subject into monument, space becomes subjective and the stage for... more

Andino, Rene

Hi, I have been writing poetry and philosophy for over a decade and I am looking for someone to showcase or know someone who'd be willing to showcase some of my work, my poems, philosophical writings,... more

Anozier, Sheila

Sheila Anozier, a multidisciplinary artist, was born in New York where she has lived most of her life, but it is Haiti she calls home.   Her earliest memories are of Haiti where she lived until she ... more

Ansari, Amani

My work reflects my impressions and memories, then develop form to contain and explore those thoughts. My aim is to understand these impressions and to develop a precise and personally relevant visual... more

Anthony, Andre

Manager of an artist whos producing a new style of Hip Hop designed to change the way Hip Hop is perceived. His lyrics consist of morals incorporated in the Bible. All of our music is God centered. We... more

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