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Bahia Kao

Through lectures and demonstrations/performances, Bahia Kao provides a comprehensive introduction to Afro-Brazilian culture?its dance and music, its language, traditions, deities, and more.

Cynthia King Dance Studio Inc.

Cynthia King Dance Studio, Inc. is dedicated to providing a fertile training ground for dancers and a place for teachers/choreographers to present new and original works. Cynthia King's own innovative... more


Darmstadt, Classics of the Avant-Garde, is a critically-acclaimed contemporary music series and experimental music listening party led by composer Zach Layton. With its current residency at the Galapa... more

De Nonno Productions, Incorporated

De Nonno Productions, Inc, is a full-service television, film, and musical theater production and distribution company shepherded by Tony De Nonno, the writer, director, and producer of more than fift... more

Digital Story Workshop

The goals of Digital Story Workshop are to empower young children by highlighting their spontaneous imaginative play; to provide media education to children ages 3 through 8; to facilitate meaningful ... more

Electrik Goddess Club Orquestra

A collaborative musical group led by singer-songwriter-lyricist-musician-composer Lisa Roma, Electrik Goddess Club Orquestra (EGCO) performs at various venues around the tri-state area. Lisa Roma sing... more

Klezmer Plus

Klezmer Plus offers historic performances of classic klezmer and early pop and jazz related to Jewish themes, along with lectures and demonstrations concerning this music.

Medgar Evers College Preparatory School Contemporary Dance Theatre, The

The Contemporary Dance Theatre is a professional dance company that performs a fusion of modern, jazz, hip-hop and Afro-Caribbean dance forms. The company is housed in the Medgar Evers College Prepara... more

Mudpit, The

The Mudpit is a full-service clay facility, providing classes in wheelthrowing, handbuilding, tilemaking, and moldmaking, as well as selling ceramic supplies and renting space. The Mudpit has 12 wheel... more

PDM Performing Arts Corporation

PDM is a community theater workshop and dance organization that works with inner city children, young adults, seniors, and other community residents. A faith-based organization, PDM provides inspirati... more

QIIQ Productions

QIIQ Productions offers introductory theater classes for youth ages 8 through 18. Sessions last for 12 weeks and cycle Native American, African, and Latino folkloric plays as well as contemporary, you... more

Ray Abrams Big (17-Piece) Swing Band, The

Swinging since the ?Fifties with a sound and quality reminiscent of the great bands of Basie and Ellington, The Ray Abrams Big Swing Band continues to entertain audiences in jazz and swing-dance venue... more

Rudder Blade Productions, Inc.

Rudder Blade Productions promotes filmmaking in the public interest by developing online and offline media projects for the both the African and Latino communities and the general public. Rudder Blade... more

World Eater Recordings, NYC

Opened by composer, engineer, and instrumentalist Jared Hassan Foles in November 2000, World Eater Recordings has grown to become one of New York City?s best-known studios for major recording and audi... more

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