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ok Mitch Studio

We are a team of two artists who create painted signs, gold leaf signs and murals throughout NYC. Our main focus is to create dynamic and interesting commercial projects, which help promote our client... more

Situ Studio

Situ Studio was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York, while its four partners were studying architecture at the Cooper Union. Recent projects include the design and fabrication of reOrder, a site spe... more

Nosokas, Paulius

I believe that finite moments of contact?even a single, well-considered gesture?can generate an infinite number of visually compelling forms. Hence, you'll see that, no matter what medium in which I a... more

Vainshtein, Alexandra

I am a photographer living and working in Brooklyn. I have always been intrigued by black and white photography and have been inspired by scenes as close as my Brooklyn neighborhood and as far away a... more

!, Bizzy

Bizzy is a dynamic professional multidisciplinary artist. He has been vitally active in the theatre arts as actor, director, writer, music director, voice/speech/dialect coach, producer, and teacher f... more

(The Literary/Performance Wing of Goddamn Cobras), BOOMSLANG

Boomslang is the theater/literary wing of Brooklyn-based arts and media collective Goddamn Cobras ( The core of Boomslang's activity is based upon giving life to works presen... more

Abel, Glenn

I am an artist that utilizes fused and cast glass as a pictorial medium. My artwork encompasses two subjects: realistic figurative themes and nature (usually expressed as land, sea, or skyscapes). I a... more

Abraham, Kyle

Kyle Abraham, professional dancer and choreographer, began his training at the Civic Light Opera Academy and the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He continued his... more

Abreu-Canedo, Rafael

Rafael explores issues of social behavior, power relations, communication, and identity, with focus on the body and space.

Adair, Tamika

"Reinvent yourself often." "Lead a life filled with questions and an insatiable zeal to answer them." Thank for dropping by and visiting my humble corner of the creative interwebs universe. Cal... more

Adams, Wayne

I am interested in painting as a lens through which to reconcile my perception of the corporeal world with intangible notions of intense human emotion, experience and meaning. It is an understanding o... more

Adebo, Taiwo

My name is Taiwo Adebo, I'm a Nikon photojournalist and a fine art photographer who has covered events, fashion shows, and style shoots from all over the world. My work has taken me to many places li... more

Adelman, Karen

I am interested in the relationship between human bodies and the spaces they inhabit. I work primarily in sculpture and installation, but also draw, paint, and work with fiber arts. I sell belts and c... more

Adomako, Richie

Richie Adomako is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’: A BRAIN in a nutshell preoccupied as a(n): artist, designer, writer, media producer and director, with a HEART fueled by new media, architecture, design, ci... more

Agee, Natalie

I am an inter-disciplinary artist, and have been creating work and teaching in NYC since 1995. Ruby Streak Trapeze Studio is where I offer a range of classes in a range of different circus arts. Ruby ... more

akca, sinem

Graphic Designer / Character Designer / Sketcher

Alafia, Joshua Bee

Writer Director Producer Editor and Director of Photography for documentaries music videos industrials and feature films. I write and direct my own narrative works and make my living freelancing as a... more

Alaire, Troy

I'm a fine art photographer in the traditional sense - 35mm and medium format camera, still using film, developing negatives, and hands in the chemicals in the darkroom. My subject matter ranges fr... more

Alexander, Rahul

I collect and document, selectively choosing imagery from a wide variety of media, including found patterns, vintage magazine clippings, and photographs. I work with images that hold a nostalgic qual... more

Aliberti, Sherry

The Cocoon Project is a NYC-based collaborative that documents and performs the hand-crafted Cocoons with dancers, video projections, sound and music in site-specific performance-installations. The Co... more

Allen, Malinda

Director of the Allen Body Group creating simple movement and text based works emphasizing grace athleticism and emotional intensity.Performances in New York and Boston.

Allen, Olive

Olive Allen (O.A.) is a Russian-American artist currently living and working in New York City. She grew up between Russia and United Kingdom. She studied Film and Media at Regent’s Universit... more

Allen, Stacey

We are: Stacey and Sylvestre. A Coloradan actress and a Togolese dancer coming together to build bridges between the disciplines and discover what statements from each are to rest untouched and inspi... more

Altay, Camille

My approach to painting originates in an absurdist aesthetic and uses the notion of the horizon as a bridge to investigate polar conditions such as past and future, subject and object, singular and in... more

Alvarez, Ingrid

Ingrid Marie Alvarez is an Interdisciplinary Artist, Educator, and Social Media Consultant currently developing her business, Creating Media Works. Ingrid teams with fellow masterminds to implement, e... more

Amador, Michelle

As a vocalist/composer, I enjoy creating and performing original works. My preferred instrumentation is: voice, trumpet, sax, drums, keyboard, elec. guitar, and elec. bass. I also enjoy mixed mediu... more

Amoros Goldberg, Carmen

I am a pop/jazz artist. I sang with a Grammy Award winning Gospel Choir for many years. I am singing solo now doing fundraisers and special events and I am currently in the process of recording my own... more

Anderson, Piper

Piper Anderson is a multidisciplinary performance artist, writer, and arts educator. PiperAos work blends poetry, song, movement, storytelling, and video to create performance that explores the experi... more

Andino, Rene

Hi, I have been writing poetry and philosophy for over a decade and I am looking for someone to showcase or know someone who'd be willing to showcase some of my work, my poems, philosophical writings,... more

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