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Circle of Voices Inc.

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Circle of Voices Inc.

Circle of Voice Inc. a public charity that offers an innovative and artistic form
of information by empowering womyn of different preferences and cultures along with their community to make decisions regarding their life experiences, by enabling them to view their environment with more optimistic and dynamic solutions.

Circle of Voices Inc. is a non-profit, Womyn of African Descent and Womyn of Color, organization which will provide multi-cultural artistic informative events. To establish a creative arts environment where Womyn of African Descent and Womyn of Color who reflect all orientations can exchange information, herstories, knowledge and skills amongst each other and the community at large through performances, workshops, music festivals and seminars to communicate issues that affect our environment.

Provide opportunities to foster a collaborative and supportive environment where all sorts of womyn artist and friends of the community will have the opportunity to increase their appreciation of music, art and environment through the performances, seminars and workshops given by of Womyn of African Descent, and Womyn of Color of various orientations, cultures, and nationalities.
To explore the modalities and techniques used by these womyn within the performance and visual arts. We want to apply art theory to express a variety of community concerns like the importance of Recycling, Green Environment Conservation, HIV/AIDS, and more?We want performers to be able to use their art form whether it is music, painting, and spoken word to convey important issues of survival. We would like to provide a point of resources through art for the community.

Circle of Voices Inc. 06/08