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Naija Productions, LLC

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  3. Address : 123 7th Avenue, Suite 208, Brooklyn, NY 11215 United States
Primary Contact
Ernest Bhabor, Filmmaker
Executive / President
Ernest Bhabor, Filmmaker

Naija Productions, LLC has been in business for many years, but formally since 2007; working with music and movie producers as joint or co-producers. Our goal is to collaborate and partner with gifted and talented artistes, entertainers, and other industry professionals from conception to distribution; from script to screen.

The major purview of the company is the production of films and videos, features and documentaries, with predominantly African themes that include the story of the African in Diaspora, the story of the African in Africa, the story of the non-existent African; stories about the lost tribes and children of Africa, stories of the Caribbean Islands and stories of other variety.

Our approach and service includes the following:

A. Free consultations
B. Production research
C. Artiste management
D. Recruitment of cast and crew for any size of production
E. Production resources; equipment and personnel
F. Postproduction
G. Award-winning service
H. Satisfaction guarantee