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Robin Bady Storytelling

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  3. Address : 85 Chester Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Award winning storyteller Robin Bady has been called, “gutsy, big hearted, and street smart.” Hailing from Brooklyn, her repertoire encompasses world tales, current events, oral histories, literature, ghost experiences and personal stories. She is founder of Shirazad’s Children, an artist ensemble created in response to 9/11. She often partners with award winning cartoonist Richard Codor, the environmentalist ensemble Bash the Trash and alt-rock violinist Deni Bonet. Bady is the recipient of the 2012 JJ Reneaux Emerging Artist Grant Award given by the National Storytelling Network.

Youth and family programs
Robin Bady’s interactive programs cut to the heart of the matter, connecting to curriculum and themes throughout the year. Folklore and literature, pourquoi tales and science, NY ghost tales and social studies, holiday celebrations – her shows and workshops are designed deepen and broaden your students’ comprehension, making literacy fun.
A selected list of programs:
Holiday Gifts: Stories for Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas
Imagine! Dragons, Witches, Talking Animals and People Like Us
Victorian Fairytales
Carl Sandburg's Rootabaga Stories
Drawing Stories From Around the World
Strong Girls, Brave Women
Ghost Tales of New York
True Ghost Stories
Giggling Ghosts and Silly Songs
The Rootabaga Stories of Carl Sandburg
Time Travel: A Sci-Fi Adventure

Storytelling for adults
Adult programs include family stories, life stories, folklore and ghost tales. Her performances of "My Mother and Other Political Commentators" has been featured in Fringes in Ohio and Wisconsin. She is currently working on "Nancy Drewinsky and the Search for the Missing Letter."