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Moving Mountains Inc.

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The primary purpose of Moving Mountains Inc is to motivate inner-city youth, to attach importance to their artistic goals. We do this through intensive training in all areas of entertainment and then spotlighting their development through dramatic productions. The secondary purpose is to provide an alternative to the negative influences from the peers, gangs, violence and substance abuse that have taken over inner-city communities leaving youth at-risk to make poor choices that will deter them from becoming productive adults. By focusing on the serious issues youth face by producing dramatic productions with strong positive messages we are able to address both goals with amazing results. Scientific studies by the US Departments of Education and Justice respectively prove that when we build protective factors for youth, the alarming statistics on the dropout rate, illiteracy, teen incarceration, drug use, violence and teen sexuality significantly decrease. Moving Mountains Inc is an organization that builds those protective factors through dramatic productions and the arts.


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