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Aeilushi Mistry Dance

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Aeilushi Mistry was born and raised in India. She holds a BA in the Kalakshetra style of Bharatnatyam dance from Gandharva University in Gujarat, India. She has also studied privately with numerous renowned Bharatnatyam dance gurus. She has an advanced degree in Bharatnatyam from the Kerala Kalamandalam, a major center for the study of performing arts in India. She brings these dance styles to school audiences through performance as well as being a wonderful teacher who excels at evoking the natural dancer in every participant. Aeilushi is affiliated with BAC's Arts in Education (AIE) program and BAC's Folk Arts program. Through these programs, she has conducted numerous story telling through dance workshops, residencies, performances and panel discussions. Recently, through BAC AIE, Aeilushi taught approximately 450 third graders in Bushwick public schools, who learned their 3rd grade World Cultures curriculum through hands-on arts workshops. Participating students traveled to India without ever having to leave their schools. They learned traditional dances and stories and created traditional dance.