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Zuly In The Last Place On Earth

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Zuly In The Last Place On Earth - A Family Musical

Book and Lyrics by Anthea Fane
Music by Christina Kulick and John Chin

In a desolate junkyard at the end of the world, two gangs of dogs are at war. On one side are mangy mutts who have suffered years of abuse: on the other, strong Dobermans who have taken most of the land. Zuly, is believed to be a magic fighter who will save the land for his fellow mutts. In fact, when he faces his opponent, he feels compassion and bursts into song. He is forced to leave his home and, out of desperation, joins a circus act. In the circus, he realizes that, although he is not a magic fighter, he has another kind of magic he can share with the junkyard dogs. He returns and teaches the dogs to let go of their fear and to understand each other. Finally, he helps them to dream again.

This lively Musical Theatre performance is a springboard for talking about conflict resolution, self-esteem and accepting differences in others. Enjoy the story of how Zuly ends a junkyard war through compassion.