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New Material

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The focus of this year’s NEW MATERIAL Art Fair is to expose audiences to brave departures in the practices of established artists and galleries, and provide the opportunity for patrons to engage with these untested breaks in artistic pattern. NEW MATERIAL contends that economic success can sometimes stunt the impulse for experimentation, and that creativity requires risk, courage, and a willingness to at times forgo recognition, acceptance and profit for the sake of an artist’s natural inclination towards growth. This pivotal stage can include everything from subtle shifts in style, experimentation with media, materials, or recognized ranges of aesthetic interests, to a complete abandonment of the tried and true. NEW MATERIAL seeks to provide asylum for artists engaged in this vulnerable state of flux.

When considering the escalating number of satellite fairs, quantity can cloud quality. NEW MATERIAL attempts to return focus to the artist’s process as a distinguishing premise, in a context where materiality, making and the market continue to mutate.

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