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Heritage Radio Network

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  3. Address : 402 Graham Ave., PO Box 198, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Executive / President
Erin Fairbanks, Executive Director

Heritage Radio Network (HRN) streamed its first broadcast on April 5th, 2009. Founded by Patrick Martins of Slow Food USA and unincorporated at that time, the radio station operated as an arm of Heritage Foods USA. HRN officially incorporated in 2011, acquired 501(c)3 status on February 21, 2012, and began formal operations as a tax-exempt organization in April 2012.
Heritage Radio Network’s mission is to be the nation’s definitive platform for intelligent, entertaining and accessible discourse on food by providing radio programming for eaters. We partner with scholars, entrepreneurs, farmers, artists, musicians, writers and chefs to create content centered on the intersections of food and culture. Our programming explores food production, consumption, distribution, waste and all tangentially related subjects from the gustatory to the economic. HRN’s community of hosts and supporters engage listeners in meaningful and participatory dialogue at the cutting edge of the changing food landscape. Heritage Radio Network programming is designed to empower listeners through thoughtfully produced education and entertainment content that is free to use and easy to find on the Network’s digital archive. HRN believes in the importance of documenting and preserving the voices of our collective food and culture dialogue for the historical record; all of our recordings are catalogued and preserved for future generations. The conversations that take place in our studio are unique, candid and intimate, and we pride ourselves in capturing the underground voice and spirit of the “good food” movement in its historical and contemporary contexts.