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Mazarte Dance Company

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Executive / President
Martha Nora Zarate, President / Artistic Director

Mazarte’s vision is to create a union between dance, research, and indigenous art in order to create awareness about Mexican cultural heritage and educate our communities at large while also preserving artistic techniques that are in danger of being forgotten and lost.

Mazarte exposes the community to a unique work of Mexican dance, history and art while simultaneously empowering artisans in indigenous Mexican communities. We believe our approach to dance must be holistic and respectful of people of all backgrounds and generations and we provide our communities with educational programs and performances that reflect these beliefs. At the same time, by incorporating handmade and “fair trade” objects created by Mexican artisans into each program, Mazarte also promotes the socio-economic development of these communities and it ensures that these age-old techniques are preserved for the new generations.


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