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Asian American Film Lab, Inc.

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  3. Address : Asian American Arts Alliance, 20 Jay Street, Suite 740, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Primary Contact
Aurora Betson,
Executive / President
Jennifer BetitYen, President

The Asian American Film Lab (“Film Lab”), began in 1998 as collaborative of New York-based Asian American filmmakers whose goals were to hone their craft and to share their knowledge, experience and resources. The membership has grown to comprise professionals, artists and other talented individuals of all ethnic backgrounds, who all share the common goal of creating great film and promoting Asian American filmmakers and other filmmakers of color, and the visibility of their stories and characters in film and television. The Lab now runs monthly programs to promote gender and ethnic diversity in film and television, the annual 72 Hour Film Shootout filmmaking competition, in conjunction with Asian CineVision and the Asian American International Film Festival, and, as of August 2013, is launching its own production arm to create and share diverse stories showing the multi-cultural and cosmopolitan face of US society today. The Production Arm’s goal is to show the United States as it truly is – diverse and cosmopolitan, through multi-ethnic and multi-cultural viewpoints and stories. The Asian American Film Lab is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

The Film Lab’s programming includes filmmaking workshops with industry professionals, screenwriting contests, and film competitions, including the annual 72 Hour Film Shootout (the “Shootout”). Our departments break down into (1) Unfinished Works; (2) Industry Spotlight; (3) Connections, which includes the 72 Hour Shootout filmmaking competition; and (4) the new Film Lab Production Arm.


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