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idBrooklyn Collective

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Contact Info
  1. Website
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  3. Phone : 917 587 8205
  4. Address : 10 Plaza Street, 6J, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Primary Contact
Gerardo Blumenkrantz,
Executive / President
Gerardo Blumenkrantz, Creative Director

idBrooklyn is a community-powered participatory art project that celebrates our borough’s identity by inviting Brooklynites to share their memories and impressions through testimonials, drawings, writings or any other means of expression. Besides standing on their own, people’s artistic contributions will inspire a system of graphic icons representing Brooklyn’s unique character and diversity.

idBrooklyn's main innovative component is the fact it borrows proven best practices from the world of branding and integrated communications, and applies them into a collaborative artistic and social context in which all creative input is generated by the community itself. Through idBrooklyn we’re exploring the notion of CULTURAL IDENTITY via tools borrowed from the field of corporate identity.

The resulting system of graphic icons will provide a streamlined format to materialize the wealth of memories, impressions and other testimonies collected from a wide range of Brooklynites through a series of hands-on workshops. These events were conducted last fall across diverse venues, such as senior centers, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Drummers Grove at Prospect Park, Brooklyn Tech, the Brooklyn Flea Market, and Hassidic, Puerto Rican and other community organizations. Additional creative input was collected through a Web-based interactive platform and mobile app, specially designed for the project. All of the above, which constitutes Phase 1, was self-sustained by a crowd-funding campaign through

The whole process is being documented and will be accessible to the community in four different ways:

a- A book
b- An exhibition at a main Brooklyn art space
c- A documentary short film
d- A Web-based and mobile app interactive platform from which everyone can download the resulting family of CreativeCommons icons to be used freely for not-for-profit purposes. The platform will also serve as a virtual museum.