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Wasted Spaces

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Wasted Spaces is an arts organisation which specialises in creative curation. Our mission is to bring quality art to new places and people.

Contemporary art is increasingly something that is thought about and intellectualised rather than felt and experienced. This focus on the conceptual is a significant barrier to participation for the majority.

For many, the art world is a baffling and intimidating one – perceived as elitists and exclusive. By pushing the boundaries of art curating, the restrictive white walls of the gallery can be broken down to create art that is inclusive, challenging and engaging.

The collective of artists, curators, programmers and thinkers was set up to provide a platform for up and coming artists, and to engage with communities through site-specific installations. By creating art that is both accessible and of high quality these projects provide a gateway for people who have traditionally felt suspicious or excluded from modern art.

We believe art should be an inspirational moment of everyday life.