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Palaver Press

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Executive / President
Jeremy Young, Creative Director

Palaver Press is a sound & text publishing company founded by Jeremy Young and Catherine Métayer.

As a record label, Palaver's current function is to publish Young's own sound works, as well as work by related cohorts on a manageable scale, marketing to and collaborating primarily with like-minded members of the independent experimental sound and music publishing community. As a print publishing company, Palaver Press serves to bring to market the work of artists that bridge visual art and text with sound. We are interested in fostering a culture of collaboration in publishing by using the curatorial platform as a way of bringing new works to life.

Palaver has also recently launched a brand new audio-literature project branch, featuring digital audiobook publications of contemporary literature bridging together the work of emerging independent authors and composers. The mission of this project first and foremost is to double the audience exposure of participating artists by collaboratively combining their work across disciplines. Our forthcoming collection of innovative audio-literature serves to bring unique writing to a diverse community of readers/listeners in unique ways.

"Palaver" means many things to us. It can be considered to mean "idle chit-chat" but in French, 'palabres', a word that has African roots, signifies a hut or communal site for people to get together to discuss ideas. Taken in combination, Palaver wonderfully stands for a community-oriented discussion, some of which is nonsense. SUBJECT Magazine asked us to interview each other about it, so we did.

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