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A+ Productions

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Primary Contact
Anji Crain,
Executive / President
Anji Crain, Director

A+ PRODUCTIONS is a multi-disciplinary production company founded in 2011 as a dynamic platform for artistic collaboration. In an effort to increase public awareness and visibility of dance, A+ has produced site-specific dance films that explore the dynamics of contrast both visually and thematically. With the combined resonance of dance and film, We seeks to elevate this powerful medium to the acclaim that it deserves.

To this means, we have created the NEW DANCE CINEMA film series to showcase directors on the forefront of cinematic dance. Though dance videos have been around for decades, New Dance Cinema taps into the new and exciting ways that directors and choreographers are conceiving movement on film and telling stories in ways that only the body can tell. The series brings to the public imagination the utterly enticing and moving fusion of commercial, contemporary and fine arts. Films shot on location using the camera as a choreographic tool while expressing semi-narrative themes are the focus of New Dance Cinema.


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