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Jenny Velarde-Ragan MA, LCAT, RDT-Licensed Creative Arts Therapist & Registered Drama Therapist

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  3. Address : 247 Prospect Avenue , Fourth Floor-Office L, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Jenny Velarde-Ragan MA, LCAT, RDT ,

As a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) and Registered Drama Therapist (RDT), I not only view creativity in life as a distinct gift, but as a crucial survival tool. All of us have the capacity to creatively examine, explore and envision our lives in ways that point us towards growth and understanding. Most importantly, through embracing our inherent creativity, we are equipped to not only forge our own paths, but to thrive.

I offer psychotherapy utilizing creative interventions for individuals and groups. I work with adults, children & adolescents utilizing the creative arts as a modality for therapeutic exploration. Though it is not a requirement to be an artist to benefit from Creative Arts Therapy, I specialize in examining the challenges and obstacles that block the artistic process.

Benefits of Creative Arts Therapy for the Artist:

•Identifying fears and patterns that block creative freedom
•Spontaneously exploring new roles that can nurture the art making process
•Exploring and rejuvenating the wounded parts of the Artist role
•Emboldening the Artist role to try new paths
•Practicing and rehearsing new behaviors that encourage the expansion of the Artist role
•Discovering ways in which the Artist role can inform others parts of one's life

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