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The Hive NYC

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The Hive NYC is an interdisciplinary arts community, located in Brooklyn, New York, with a collective ambition to move beyond the alienating pedestal that “the arts” have been pushed onto. We believe that by focusing not only on our own expressions, but also on our mutual ones we can create a greater intensity and intimacy in the process of creating art. The Hive aims to reestablish social responsibility outside the obscure corners that has confined the arts community in order to rebuild the social significance of art.​
Our physical location provides a space for various types of art projects (musical performances, fashion design, painting and drawing workshops, art displays, theatre and film-productions, etc) and is also a meeting place. The gathering is between highly talented professional artists, focused and developing amateurs, and admirers that want to be closer to the artistic process. This particular collection of individuals blurs the lines between artist and audience. When this happens, we believe, the significance of art begins to change because the entire process becomes as important as the final product. When multiple individuals are brought into artistic creation, art itself loses its distance that separates art products from artistic experience.
What we are searching for, and also developing, is a middle ground between utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing art. We believe these ideas do not need to be treated as antithetical concepts. Instead, we are aiming to prove there are favorable social consequences to be found by focusing on both functionality and beauty. The middle ground we are forming allows us to embrace individualistic ambitions that can enhance and expand our own capacities, while also maintaining a collective responsibility and identity that each of us builds from each other.
The goal is to build an even larger community that will allow us to further reestablish the practical values that are to be found in the aesthetic experience that heals, transforms, and stabilizes individuals. As a result, The Hive NYC, shares a collective belief that the redeeming value of art does not happen from neither the isolated artwork nor the isolated artist, but from the way individuals in our society engages and performs with it. In effect, we are building a space for socially responsible artists.