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Team Intersection is a multidisciplinary group whose approach to creative practice is through experimentation and discovery. Comprised of artists, designers, urbanists, architects, filmmakers and structural engineers, the team aims to celebrate the diversity of places by creating large scale public works that build a more tolerant open community through shared experiences. Team Intersection's value and strength comes from the multiple points of view of each professional background.

Creative Directors: Rachel Barnard, Holly Jenkins and Martin Pavely
Other Members: Corey Fontana, Cait Davis, Conor Hagen, Jane McGarry, Adel Bagali, Tom Smith, Bernardo Garcia, Sevarihino Alfonso, Corbin Keach, Nick Roach.

Intersection creates temporary, large scale, public urban experiences that aim to finely attune New Yorkers to the distinctions between their city's social and urban territories.

Our projects observe the relationship between urban territories; communities that inhabit them and how this relates to the use of its public space, in particular its sidewalks and street corners. Intersection questions whether the social identities of different neighborhoods occur before the spatial definition of their territories. Do communities inhabit urban territories pre-defined by boundaries that are of topographical or infrastructural in nature, or is it an overlapping combination of both? What happens when the geographical distance between different urban territories is collapsed and a new virtual urban space is created?