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Wish Experience

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Wish Experience are a small group formed in London with the purpose of creating interesting, exciting performances. We are inspired by every day experiences shared by large numbers of people; by the magical within the mundane, and by the common language such experiences give us. By harnessing these cultural phenomena, we hope we can invite our audience members into our work, rendering them part of the performance and co-conspirators to our schemes and plots.

We have travelled the world with our work, performing in a variety of spaces including churches, pubs, theatres, crypts, concert venues, town halls, bars and dwellings. Our work has played prominently in the Edinburgh Festival fringe, the Adelaide Fringe, the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, and as part of the CAFF circuit of festivals as well as a number of other, smaller fringe festivals. We actively tour our work all over the globe, to date having performed in eight different countries from New Zealand to the United States.


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