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The Other Side Intercultural Theatre, LLC

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Executive / President
Melanie Closs, Director

The Other Side Intercultural Theatre, Inc, is an initiative to create a community of girls through global drama exchange. We create a cross-cultural exchange between young women and girls with different cultural backgrounds via dramatic storytelling. Like pen pals, but with theatre.

Our participants’ ages range from 8-22 years old. Our interns’ ages range from 9-25 years old. Since 2013, we have connected over 400 girls across 3 countries, including U.S. communities in the South Bronx, East Harlem and Staten Island, and communities in Tel-Aviv, Israel; Jattari and Anupshahr, India. We primarily work in underserved communities.

Using devised theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, and storytelling techniques, The Other Side’s participating girls create dramatic pieces, exploring what it means to be a girl in the context of their own community and culture. As part of the process, the NYC-based participating group documents and shares their creative exploration with an international-based group, thereby creating an intercultural dialogue and building good will. Through these creative processes, performances, and friendships, the girls learn about each other, about themselves, and gain the confidence to create change in their communities and advocate for equality for girls worldwide.

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