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Artadia: The Fund for Art & Dialogue is a national non-profit organization that supports visual artists with unrestricted, merit-based awards and fosters connections to a network of opportunities. We recognize artistic excellence in cities throughout the United States and introduce local communities to the international art conversation. In the past 15 years, Artadia has awarded over $3 million to more than 285 artists throughout its participating award cities of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Over 20,000 artists have applied for the Artadia Awards program.

By providing artists with significant, unrestricted financial awards ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, and ongoing assistance through out their careers, Artadia establishes a strong incentive to support artistic excellence. Additionally, continued support is achieved through close collaborations with its host cities to create exhibition opportunities for artists, arrange studio visits with local as well as national curators, source residency programs, and make introductions in the field.

As one of the few organizations to operate on both a local and national level, Artadia is in a unique position to create sustainable fiscal and social change for artists. In addition to its ongoing award cycles, Artadia activates its unique network of artist services and support through national partnerships, in addition to its own residency program at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in Brooklyn and a national award program with the New Art Dealer’s Alliance in New York and Miami. The Artadia/NADA award helps bring recognition to artists who are shown at one of the most visited national art fairs in the world.

Artadia Awards

Artadia supports visual artists with unrestricted, merit-based awards along two levels of fiscal support. Artadia Awards are determined through a uniquely influential two-tiered jury process that includes a panel of internationally prominent curators and established artists. Artadia has collaborated with over 500 art world professionals in the selection of each Artadia Award recipient, introducing its participating jurors to a new city and a talented pool of local artists. Artadia’s open- application process encourages all visual artists – regardless of their commercial success or artistic medium– to apply. Artadia recognizes and rewards artists based on merit: defined as a rigorous engagement with a set of ideas embodied in materials, a depth of practice and a clearly articulated and developed voice.

The Artadia Process:

• An open call for image-based submissions goes out to artists who work in the program city and who have resided there for at least one year. Artists typically have at least eight weeks to apply online and send media to Artadia.

• Artadia assembles a jury of three curators: one local expert (to provide local context), one nationally prominent curator and one established artist in New York. This jury reviews all applications, providing an exclusive opportunity for all applicants to receive increased exposure, and creates a short-list of 10 artists.

• Artadia assembles a second jury including two national curators and the same local curator. This group travels to the program city and conducts studio visits with each of the 10 short-listed artists for 45 minutes, enabling local artists to make new connections on an international level. Visits to local collectors, galleries, and museums are also conducted, as are presentations by the curators within the local community.

• Of the selected ten finalists, the jury will designate two to five Awardees to receive unrestricted funds, ranging between $5,000 and $20,000, as well as access to a lifetime of programs that offer critical dialogue and exposure. Artadia Awards provide the most substantial and impactful level of fiscal and creative support possible. Artadia Award winners demonstrate the principles of merit to the highest degree as defined by Artadia and as determined by the jury.

• The larger Artadia Awards, which range between $15,000 and $20,000, are awarded to artists who demonstrate artistic excellence. The smaller Artadia Awards, which range between $5,000 and $10,000, enable talented and promising artists to receive the critical validation that they need and deserve at a pivotal time in their career.

• Often and in collaboration with a local nonprofit space or art fair, Artadia mounts an exhibition of the Awardees’ work and co-sponsors public programs to continue to provide sustainability within the program city. Artadia presents over 20 events annually in its Award communities – including conversations with curators and jurors, and tours of exhibition collections – that demonstrate the tremendous creativity in partner communities and facilitate exchange for and among artist populations. Artadia continues to work on behalf of its network of Awardees to promote and expose their work to its vast network of curators, dealers, collectors, and other artists, throughout the United States.

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