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Imaginary (S.K.I.P.

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  1. Address : 150 Bay 11th Street, 2, Brooklyn, NY 11228

My imaginary organization which I do want it to become lively is based on my experience taking care of reptiles and amphibians ever since I was the age of 5. I am now the age of 27 and do love taking care of reptiles and reading about amphibians but I don't own any and though I don't own any I would love to teach about how to take care of them, conservation, and draw them. I do like them overall, and even though I do enjoy taking care of them and learning about them, I do love conservation overall and just joined a organization called the Long Island Boathouse which is another organization that has me doing community service for them in which I take other people and get them to participate in kayaking events as well. I do love participating in other organizations which is why also I would love to have eventually my own organization.

Thank you
Sean Kelly