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James Glass Studio

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Fiona Westphal,

Founded in 1985 by my late husband James , we started working together in 1999 and pooling our skills together.
I had a background in sculpture, stone and bronze ,sculpture casting ,metal fabrication, model and mold making and he in Art Glass , Stained Glass and Sandblasted mirror and glass.
Both were doing restoration . Me in sulpture and decorative objects ,as well working on Janes Carousel for years and he in Etched ,Leaded and Stained Glass.

Having worked together for years , I continued so after his death in 2006.
Now we can offer services sculpting , casting in metal ,resin,plaster and wax and mold making , as well as custom art and decorative work and sculpture restoration.
Sculpture are for rent as well for Television and Movies.
In the glass field ,we offer services custom work and restoration Stained and Leaded Glass, as well as custom sandblasting and etching on Mirror and Glass.

Also consulting services for all the work mentioned above are available.