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Honest Accomplice Theatre

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Honest Accomplice Theatre’ (HAT) mission is to drive individual acceptance among and incite community dialogue about women and trans people by exploring, topics that are often silenced, seen as shameful, or portrayed as one-dimensional. Recent momentum within pop and sub-cultures have increased awareness and movement towards social change, but has not helped individuals better understand how they fit in an increasingly complex and non-private world. Many topics remain binary, leaving a community of women and trans people feeling ignored and misrepresented.

Honest Accomplice energizes that community and those around them by engaging professionals and members of the community to devise new work that surfaces the nuanced and personal experiences of women and trans people. This approach engages the audience, allowing them to relate the experiences played out on stage to those in their own lives, as well empowering the community itself with an opportunity to construct and own their narratives.

We tour performances to college campuses and high schools, as this is where many of cultural crises are played out, challenged, or upheld; where young people can discover and explore new identities yet also experience great isolation. We believe theatre can engage students in relevant material, energize them to think critically, provide opportunity to see their perspectives presented and challenged on stage, and galvanize them to become more engaged and discerning community members.

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