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The Phantastic Theater - New Music and Art for Family Audiences

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Primary Contact
Christopher Kaufman,
Executive / President
Christopher Kaufman, Director

The Phantastic Theater - Fine Arts and New Music for the Young of All Ages.

Springing from the traditions of the fine arts, ‘The Phantastic Theater’ presentations introduce young people to the transformative power of imagination though engaging, educational and entertaining works of 'interdisciplinary' art and remind adults of the time when they first experienced the arts.

Within a theatrical setting, symphonic music flows through speakers as the audience sees text and colorful illustrative art flow by on screen, like a living book. Dance, voice acting, puppetry and live performance lead the experience featuring, for example, one of America’s leading artists, core member, (flutist/composer/inventor) Robert Dick. The brilliant performances of young artist Sofia Rose Kaufman (dancer.singer/actor) helps young people connect to the experience and delights the older. The works of the Director Christopher Kaufman (The Phantastic Zoo, The Musical Forest and the upcoming, Dancing Night Hawk), are central to productions and help inspire workshops and related enterprises and offerings.

Events can be a full length production of a work featuring all of the media mentioned above intertwined, and/or be of a 'variety show' style event with guests, shorts and workshops.



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