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red/orange place

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About Us

red/orange place is a temporary summer exhibition space run by Riley Cavanaugh and Maya Simkin out of our apartment and roof in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. Red/orange is the color of the outside of our home and also the color of your closed eyelids when you lay on the grass on a hot day.


We want red/orange place to foster artistic experimentation. By virtue of being an exhibition space within a home and on top of a roof, our shows will interact with that environment. May red/orange place be a place for artistic flexibility, creativity, problem-solving, and camaraderie.

No racism, transphobia, or general jerks will be tolerated. Our apartment is located on the third floor of our building, and we hope to have most gatherings on our rooftop which is only accessible via ladder. This makes it an inaccessible space for many, but we are committed to helping anyone experience red/orange place to the best of our ability, so please let us know if you want to come, and we can create something for you.

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Posted:2 years ago