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Some People Understand Differently (

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  3. Phone : 347-369-8854
  4. Address : 1317 Putnam Ave, 1, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Primary Contact
Eric Campbell,
Executive / President
Eric Campbell, Director's objective is to introduce mindful thinking and decision making to youth of all likes. We look at the word "at risk" towards all youth. From the straight A student down to the kid in family court, the wrong decision can be the fine line of separation. So we use music as a pipe line of communication. We allow the youth to express themselves, their lives, their story, their situation, their goals and we act as guides rather than "finger pointing" adults. This molds self awareness and strong character building which highlights self awareness which detours them from gang active, drug abuse, and violence.

Within our program we utilize an audio recording studio and/or recording set up if we are in the public school settings. This action engages the youth/young adult, stimulating the mind to explore creative options and thought patterns. We then implement the curriculum AMP ( Anger Management program) and EQ's (Exchange Quality's) which is a drug and violence deturent . Both curriculums are base on music equipment and how sound is managed and altered through them. We use that as examples on how to channel themselves like sound, ....sound body, sound mind, sound soul.

What we have used to measure our success so far has been the amount of persons in our program who recommended others to us. We have had 20 gang members in our program and 15 have remove themselves from gang activity afterwards. That 15 have sent 31 other gang members to our program. We have done over 5 classes in the public school settings (over 100 students) and each teacher ask if we can come in for their next group of students because grades have maintained or spiked up for the large percentage of the class.

We have teamed up with local public schools and aftercare programs who allow us to come in and set up within the class room. We have also communicated with a local non-profit called power plant. In the future we want to collaborate with the justice system and probation services to expand our aim and aid to youth and young adults who can use immediate change.