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Carnival of Connectivity Collective

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  3. Address : 199 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217
Primary Contact
Sasha Chavchavadze,

The Carnival of Connectivity Collective (CCC) is a traveling collective of artists, poets and performers, who engage Brooklyn neighborhoods in spontaneous, playful, site-specific art carnivals that deepen our connection to each other, our history and environment. Launched in May 2017, CCC collaborates with local non-profits as it researches and develops interactive art projects based on the history, environmental and social issues of specific Brooklyn neighborhoods. As artists, the synergy of chance encounters with community members on the streets of Brooklyn broadens our artistic reach in an art environment that feels increasingly compartmentalized. Offered to adults and children, CCC projects bridge the divide between art and other disciplines, and between artists and non-artists as we alter perspectives and delight our audiences.

CCC is inspired by our study of early 20th century Progressive art movements, that considered art to be a human necessity and a holistic practice extending into all aspects of life. Our work is loosely based on Victor D'Amico's 1940s Children Art Carnivals. A forgotten art visionary, D'Amico ran the People's Art Center at MoMA from 1937 - 1969.

CCC Projects have taken place at:
Expo Gowanus 2017, Gowanus, Brooklyn
Smith Street Festival 2017, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Future Project: Expo Gowanus 2018

Carnival of Connectivity Artists:
Nick Fracaro, Rob Hickman, Lauren Cannon, JoAnne MacFarland, Gabriele Schafer, Wayne Moseley, Robert Gould, Jennifer Marshall, Sweet Aminata, Amy Brook Snider, Cathy Feurst, Tammy Pittman, Sasha Chavchavadze, Eva Melas, Peter Reich, Karen Gibbons, Charles Goldman, Paul Benney, Susan Newmark Fleminger, Donna Maria de Creeft, Todd Drake, Rosemary Brooks, Paula Lalala, Robyn Love.

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