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Local Story

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  3. Address : 1374 Hancock Street, Apartment 2, Brooklyn, NY 11237
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Lee Cohen,
Executive / President
Lee Cohen, President

Local Story is a media company that works with non-profits around the world on storytelling using photography and video. We train non-profit staff on how to tell stories while in the field. This is called Sustainable Storytelling, and it's what sets us apart. Our business model rests on two core pillars:

1) Human-centric storytelling: stories belong to the people who lived them, not to us. We honor their stories by listening, listening, and more listening. We do not swoop in, capture the footage necessary for a fundraising gala, and leave. We follow the stories wherever they take us. This respects the people we work with, and leads to stories that help non-profits separate themselves from all the traditional stories one sees on social media.
2) Experiential learning: people learn by doing, not from lectures or classrooms. Therefore, the entire time we're in the field helping a non-profit tell authentic stories, we're using that time to teach, learn, and reflect with our non-profit partners. We will typically work side-by-side with 1-4 staff in the field, gradually introducing more sophisticated storytelling techniques, and having them apply those techniques in the field as part of our storytelling.