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Brooklyn Orchestra Society

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  1. Address : 319 3rd Street, #1A, Brooklyn, NY 11215

The BROOKLYN ORCHESTRA SOCIETY creates opportunities to produce high quality musical projects and reflect more of today’s world in new orchestral and theatrical works. We value experimentation, collaboration and exchange, and encourage cooperation between all forms and genres of art, all disciplines and all cultures, as part of a collective artistic intention.
The BROOKLYN ORCHESTRA SOCIETY prioritizes contemporary works by active composers, seeking to infuse material from more cultures and styles of music of our own age that are rarely seen on classical music stages into the orchestral and operatic repertoire, in an effort to connect to a wider and more diverse audience.
We also respect our musical heritage and believe in keeping great works from the past alive, and the BROOKLYN ORCHESTRA will include works from the classical repertoire in its regular program season in alternance with contemporary works, in an effort to bring great music from past and present to all generations.
The BROOKLYN ORCHESTRA SOCIETY will seek connection with academic institutions, create opportunities for educational workshops and maintain low priced or free seating sections for students, as we seek to stimulate, create connections through art, and thus give our contribution to education and culture.