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World Roma Federation

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  2. Address : 2301 Avenue Z, Sheepshead Bay, NY 11235

We are the World Roma Federation a non-for-profit organization formed in Brooklyn NY in 2017. This organization was established to promote, advocate, and develop innovative mechanisms for implementation in degrees of legislature, social reforms, and local and community outreach programs to assist with the inclusion of minority and ethnic people into modern society.

‚ÄčOur organization focuses on impeding and reforming regulations that inadvertently or advertently enables the practice of discriminatory sentiments against the ethnic and minority people. It is clear that the social construct is skewed because it does not adapt or adjust to innovation or variables and instead stays the same or lashes out to protect itself from its own inevitable destruction. This sentiment is constant as you see a shift and a clear rise within certain social classes or groups, toward minority peoples, resisting the social norms of society, which refuse to adjust to the outcry for acceptance and tolerance.

Our nonprofit organization as with all organizations, such as ours, are working diligently to address the social issues hindering their ability to adapt and survive in any environment. We are dedicated to producing sound and effective measures to counter the obstacles impeding our success rate. We want the at risk communities we assist have a resiliency and a hopeful outlook for the future which are key components necessary for the feat we are asking them to embark on, for change.

The core objective is for the communities we assist to adjust to having stability, income, and medical through the implementation of our programs which will be underway sometime in the unspecified future. We are on the edge of a new world, join us, and lets build a utopian society together.


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