Shock-a-lock - Locking and street dance

Photo: Dixie Sheridan Photo: Dixie Sheridan

Brooklyn-born and raised, Kevin (Shock-a-lock) Porter is an original locker who was instrumental in sparking the locking dance in New York City in the 70s. Locking is a style of isolated movement innovated by Don Campbell and popularized on TV show ?Soul Train.? Along with b-boying and popping, it is one of the traditional elements of urban street dance and today?s ?hip hop?. Shock-a-Lock is founder of the performance group, ?Lockism: The World?s First Mimelockers?. He continues to hold his own at the forefront of the urban dance scene, staying true to the tradition while presenting highly innovative material with a crew of remarkable dancers. Shock-a-lock is an expert dancer and teacher. His classes can be geared to professional b-boys and b-girls, introduce basic moves to new audiences in a fun, accessible way, or bring seniors back to the early 70s with moves to original funk hits from Soul-Train era. Shock can also invite co-teachers of other urban dance traditions like uprock or breaking. Group performances can also be arranged with his company Lockism. Registry / Contact Info

Shock-a-lock leads a Folk Feet Dance Workshop class in basic locking combinations at Spoke The Hub Dancing?s grand re-opening event. Video: Nicole Macotsis