Vongku Pak - Korean dance

Vongku Pak demonstrates traditional Korean drumming and dance at the BAC event Circle 'Round 2 in Fort Greene Park. Photo: Bernard Morisette

Vongku Pak is a Korean-born and Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in Korean traditional folk arts, including poongmul, samulnor (drum and gong ensemble), and mask dance. He has studied with Human National Treasure, Hyungsoon Kim, and Utdari poongmul master Kibock Kim. Mr. Pak has been featured at numerous venues in New York, Europe, the Dominican Republic, and Korea, including Carnegie Hall, and the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival. In addition to his work in traditional art forms, Pak holds a BA in theater from Brooklyn College and uses his Western drama training to enhance the Korean traditions that he performs and teaches. Mr. Pak has ample teaching experience. He has taught at several non-profit organizations, public and private schools, and colleges in New York. His dynamic classes focus on combining dance and movement with drumming and drama. His classes can accommodate either children or adults and may feature solo performance. www.koreandrum.org Registry / Contact Info