Lingering Thoughts by Jennifer Mills

Lingering Thoughts is a continuation of Jennifer Mills' 24-hour performance, entitled 'Scribe' completed in October 2008 in a Brooklyn storefront. Working from a storefront that was made to look like an office, Mills typed her observations of the activity on the street. While completing 22 of the attempted 24 hours, Mills created a 200 page typed manuscript of the experience. These typed pages were posted on the window for passersby to view or were simply discarded on the floor. Quirky events on the street, passing characters, and a desperate contest with the creative process were documented in the writings.

On Thursday, March 5, at 6pm, guest artist Jennifer Mills will performed her work, Lingering Thoughts, in conjunction with the exhibition Clamoring to Become Visible, curated by Christine Spangler, now on-view in BAC Gallery.

In attempts to further externalize the internal struggle an artist endures through the process of art making, Lingering Thoughts gives weight and presence to this experience. Hours of continuous writings that address an artists' inner monologue are typed onto a continuous scroll and will accumulate, hanging around the gallery space as Mills continues to work. Lingering Thoughts attempts to shed light on the artists' constant preoccupation with art making and attempts to evoke sympathy and understanding towards this struggle.

Jennifer Mills
works primarily in the mediums of video and performance, in order to examine the modern human condition and the struggles associated with the creative process. Studying opera from an early age, Mills retained a lyrical aesthetic and a love of performing. Invested in elements of the human condition that are prevalent in opera, Mills explores themes such as fear, sexuality, self-perception and loneliness. By utilizing familiarity and humor, Mills twists daily activities into a modern social critique, made contemporary through the use of commonplace objects as absurd accessories to the figure. Jennifer Mills lives and works in Brooklyn. She will attend graduate school in the fall for her Masters in Studio Art.