2009: September 11th Memorial Sing

BAC Folk Arts presents its annual September 11th Memorial project, which this year features performances of original songs about the events of September 11th and its aftermath. A selection of songs submitted through our open call will be performed live for the public on the anniversary from 5 - 7:30pm.

Every year since 2005, BAC Folk Arts has presented an annual September 11th memorial project. Past projects include film screenings, symposia and photo exhibitions all demonstrating the way New York artists, and especially Brooklyn artists, respond to and memorialize September 11th. 

Powerhouse Arena
37 Main St., Brooklyn 

Directions: take the A/C to High St., F to York St., or 2/3 to Clark St. 

SELECTED SONG LIST In tentative order

  • Cliff Matias, "Honor Song"
  • Tom Chelston, "Never Forget"
  • Annie Dinerman, "Talking With Absent Friends"
  • Alex Schein, "Breathe Out"
  • Jane Byaela, "This Tower?s Burning"
  • Dave Hall, "Two Cities"
  • Papa Dish, "The September 11th Song"
  • Michael Hill, "Heart of New York"
  • Bob Wright, "The Dust Came Down"
  • Doug Katsaros, "Ordinary Hero"
  • Eric Kivnick and 4th Graders from PS 48, "Twin Towers"
  • Jan Bell, "No Country"
  • Brian DeVale, "NY?s Damn Bravest"
  • Roberta Scott, "Angel Wings"
  • Bruce Markow, "Let?s Be Honest"
  • Bev Grant, "Truth That?s Real"
  • Colin Steel, "Brooklyn Bridge"
  • Hilary Hawke, "This Country"
  • Wendy Starland, "Stolen Love"
  • Steve Wallace, "Packages"
  • Tah Phrum De Bush, "WTC"

Audio Samples:

Papa Dish,


Brian DeVale,


Bev Grant & Bruce Markow,


Hilary Hawke,


Wendy Starland,


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