Junkhaus: Bridges and Tunnels

Location: Lawrence between Fulton & Willoughby Streets Junkhaus is a collaborative between siblings Jennifer and Laura Manzella. Their process stems from an interest in both the contrast and analogy of urban landscapes and mountain vistas. The artists are attracted to the bluster, magnitude and movement found in both of these environments. They strive to recreate the dichotomy of emotions evoked by a natural landscape and a cityscape.

Bridges and Tunnels collages the silhouettes of the three main bridges that connect downtown Brooklyn to Manhattan and the Downtown Brooklyn skyline combined with abstracted lines in the colors of the Brooklyn subway lines, an homage to Massimo Vignelli's iconic 1972 NYC Transit map. These elements combine to create a unique quilt of the borough. At first glance it appears as a tangle of abstract shapes that represent the chaos and unpredictability of city life. Upon closer look one recognizes the underlying order in the chaos, revealing 'Brooklyn' formed by the chromatic lines.

Jennifer Manzella received her MFA from the University of Georgia and her BFA from the University of Massachusetts. She is a teaching artist who has exhibited throughout the East Coast. Jennifer is the recipient of an Andy Warhol Foundation Grant.

Laura Manzella is a designer and performance artist. Her experience as a dance maker and performance artist has had a major impact on her work in various mediums. She frequently collaborates with filmmaker Matthew J. Towers and is a co-founder of Junkhaus Collaborative. Laura received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY and her BFA from The Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA.