About September 11 Memorial Projects

Spontaneous memorials at Ground Zero, September 11, 2005. Photo: Kay Turner

Beginning in 2005, BAC Folk Arts director Kay Turner initiated annual programming to commemorate September 11, 2001 and also to explore, document, and discuss various memorial traditions, especially those performed in Brooklyn. The first program, Art of Memory/Art of Memorial, held September 10, 2005 at Brooklyn Historical Society, addressed the longstanding tradition of memorial monuments in Brooklyn, including Beacon (dedicated May 2005) honoring Brooklyn residents who died on September 11. In 2006, to mark the fifth anniversary, BAC presented the photo exhibition Here Was New York: Twin Towers in Memorial Images, which included over 300 photos documenting the Twin Towers as they still "exist" throughout the New York metropolitan region in exterior and interior vernacular expressions such as murals, altars, tattoos and so on. In 2007, we held a series of film screenings relevant to the sixth anniversary called September 11th Remembered in Film. The series emphasized work by New York City filmmakers.