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Rethinking Memorial: Ten Interactive Sites for Remembering 9/11




11 am - 5 pm

On Saturday, September 10th, 2011 ten artists, one representing every year since September 11, 2001, created interactive memorial stations. The project includes a site for members of the public to create an ephemeral memorial. Participating artists included Illegal Art?s Michael McDevitt and Otis Kriegel whose project will ask participants to dip two fingers into a pot of grey indelible ink to represent the twin towers, and to reflect on the location and impact of the event over the number of days it takes for the ink to fade from their fingers, and others. WATCH THE VIDEO DOCUMENTING THE PROJECT BELOW

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Illegal Art Project 1 Description: Indelible Memory (Fingers in Ink) Dip two fingers into a pot of grey indelible ink to represent the Twin Towers. Reflect on the location and impact of the event over the number of days it takes for the ink to fade from your fingers. Project 2 Description: Morning Sky Paint a 6? square the color you remember the sky to have been on the morning of 9/11/2001.

Legacy Russell Project Description: Petits Fours / La Petite Mort : Edible Effigies For The Modern Mourner Engage in a public act of mourning and remembrance inspired by the historical relationship between acts of memorial and the consumption of food. Cakes served here are edible tombstones; eat, reflect, and pay homage to those who perished. Served with a small cup of red wine.

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Brooklyn Arts Council Staff Project Description: Create an Ephemeral Memorial Help assemble an ephemeral memorial modeled after those that were seen throughout the city in the fall of 2001. Use the provided materials or add your own images, candles, flowers, messages, etc.

Urban River Arts, Kimberly Carmody Project Description: Memorial Mandala for 9/11 Remember those lost in the World Trade Center by transforming recycled materials, natural and found objects into the colors and textures of the installation. Throughout the day, the Memorial Mandala will grow from a single point into a magnificent work of art. The hopes and prayers offered in remembrance of loved ones will then be released in a ceremony at 4pm, in which the completed Mandala will be dismantled, and all of the materials sorted and recycled.

Download the Artist's Statement

Matt Freedman Project Description: 3652 Days Mark the span of days from September 11, 2001 to September 10, 2011 by placing a marble on a clay calendar, one for each day since the attacks.

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Jennifer Cecere Project Description: Doily Protection Piece/Knitting the Future Doilies and antimacassars were invented by industrious women to hide and protect worn and frayed furnishings (maybe feelings too). Help create a large 9/11 Doily as armor against fear and misunderstanding, as well as a banner for hopes & dreams. Add your messages, drawings, collages and wishes to an 8? diameter rip stop nylon doily.

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Sonya Blesofsky Project Description: Paper Monuments Make a small replica of the Twin Towers in paper. Participants will receive a kit ?an 8.5in x 11in paper that has been pre-printed ?to easily create each replica by cutting, folding, and using tab and slot construction. By linking the act of making a model to their personal memory, the creation of these small paper monuments brings attention to the fragile nature of our memories, collective identity, and even the architectural structures around us.

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The Ripple Project Project Description: What is Missing Participants are videotaped with their answers to the question ?What is missing in the conversation surrounding 9/11?? The best memorial we can give to those who died is to continue to reflect and find new perspectives on the events of 9/11 by continuing to ask questions about why the events happened, and what we can learn about ourselves in the aftermath. Video segments will be posted on

Download the Artist's Statement

Friendly Falcons Project Description: Botanical Memory Herbs have a history of symbolism and meaning. Aromatic sachets have been used for centuries, not only for fragrance, but for therapeutic, ritual and spiritual purposes. Make a scented memento packet comprised of herbs that have specific symbolic meanings. Design your own combination of herbs representing how you feel about 9/11. Give your packet as a gift, or keep it for personal remembrance. The herb packets are messages of the positivity that can emerge from a difficult experience.

Kay Turner Project Description: Closure (Twin Towers Gate) Unlatch the gate chain to step into a ?plaza? between models of the Twin Towers. State your need for closure from any painful memories of September 11th. Then walk across the plaza to the other side.

This event is co-presented by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), The Dumbo Improvement District and Illegal Art with support from Two Trees Management Company.

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